I am so thrilled that you have chosen to explore the astral realms with me!

I offer several levels of Astral work, based on your current level of evolution. Safe Astral Travel requires not only a knowledge of the Astral realms but also a strong and clear energy body and a clear mind.

Astral Travel 101

If you have done some meditation and energy work or if you have had an experience with any traditional plant medecine or shamanism, this session is for you.

In this session we cover: meditation, energy body stimulation, energy center stimulation and clearing and an overall introduction to the astral levels.

Astral Travel 201

If you are able to enter into a trance state, this level is for you. We explore expanded states of consciousness in the trance state, moving into expanded energy and awareness states.

We work with different dimensional guides and specific meditations designed to access astral levels. We begin by identifying your main guide and establishing secure contact with your higher self.


Private sessions last 60 minutes and are $60 each. More than one session may be needed to achieve desired results. I invite you to contact me at: aliya at aliyadey dot com.


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